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Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Published Juni 14, 2016 by sutinah1

 Beatiful Indonesia Miniature Park 


Now I will explain about tour object in East Jakarta,Indonesia.

Beatiful Indonesia Miniature Park  is a cultural  tour place because it has many Indonesian cultures of thirty three provinces and present territory pavilion with traditional architecture such as java pavilion, Sumatra pavilion, Kalimantan (Borneo) pavilion, Sulawesi pavilion, the Lesser Sunda Islands,Maluku, and Papua. Examples of Indonesian traditional home are: Joglo and Omah Kudus Javanese houses of Central Java and Yogyakarta pavilion,  Minang Rumah Gadang of west Sumatra pavilion, Malay houses of Jambi and Riau provinces, Torajan Tongkonan and Bugis house of South Sulawesi pavilion, and Balinese house compound with intricately carved Candi Bentar split gate and Kori Agung gate. It also present traditional clothes, wedding clothes, dancing clothes, and artefac etnografi such as traditional weapon, daily tools,and handy craft. These are aim to give a complete informations of traditional live every Indonesian ethnic group. In every provinces pavilions are also completed of stage or auditorium to show many traditional dance ,traditional music show and ritual tradition than usually hold on Sunday.

Some pavilion are complited of café or restaurant that serving kind of Indonesian food. There is also souvenir shop, selling every handy craft, clothes,and the others souvenir. Beside that, there are many kind of praying houses religion in Indonesian such as : Pangeran Diponegoro Mosque, Santa Catharina Catholic church, Haleluya Protestant church, Penataran  Agung Kertabhumi Balinese Hindu temple, Arya Dwipa Arama Buddhist  temple, Sasana Adirasa Pangeran Samber Nyawa, Kong Miao Confucian temple.

There are about ten gardens spread within Beatiful Indonesia Miniature Park complex, but most are located primarily on the north and northeast side of the main lake: Orchid Garden, Medical herbs Garden, Cactus Garden, Jasmine Garden, Golden Snail Flower Garden, Fresh Water Aquarium, Bekisar Garden, Bird Park,  Ria Atmaja Park, stage and music performance, Tionghoa culture park, an Indonesian Chinese cultural park,Reptile Park in Komodo Zoological Museum compound. And same recreation facilities such as: The Castle of Indonesian Children , Among Putro kiddy rides park, Handy craft center,Rare books market , Snow bay Water park swimming pool, Telaga Mina fishing pond , Warna Alam outbound camp.

There are fourteen museums at TMII such as: Indonesia Museum, Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Mouseum, Soldier Museum, Indonesian stamps Museum, Heirloom Museum, Transportation Museum, Museum Electricity and Energy, Telecommunication Museum, Sports Museum, Asmat museum, Insects Museum, Research and Technology Information Centre, Oil and Gas museum, East Timor Museum, and there are 4D theater, Tanah Airku Theater and also monuments, Halls,Buildings, and other Exhibits such as : Kala makara main gates, Flower clock, Baluwerti, Sasono Utomo,Sasono Langen Budoyo,indoor stage and theater, Sasono Manganti, Park Management Office, The miniature of Borobudur

In the middle of TMII there is a lake with miniature of the Indonesian archipelago and on the top there are Gondola for see TMII beauty from the top ,just pay Rp. 30.000 you can go up into Gondola.