Legend of Brebes “Jaka Poleng”

Published Juli 19, 2016 by sutinah1

Once upon a time there was a handsome young man, diligent to prayed and diligent to worked,he name was Laksito. Laksito was worked as herdsman regent’s horse .
In the regent’s backyard official house, Bi Ojah was brooming yard collecting the leaf mango rubbish to burn.
After praying subuh Laksito called Bi Ojah, “Bi…” while keep running to stable horse in ten meters in the ridht corner regent’s backyard official house.
Laksito was take car of horse regent’s horse. He was liked by regent because he was good at worked and diligent to pray.
After cleaning stable horse “ Genta” ,Laksito was drinking teapot tea and ate alu-alu was served everyday Bi Ojah, after that he want to the field to searched green grass the horse’s main food.
“ Bi..I want to go to the field”
Laksito said good bay to Bi Ojah whaile bringing two emty bamboo basket for the place of grass and a sickle without cover which took in the one of bamboo basket.
After arrived to the field, laksito walked in said of field to searched green grass and laden and cut that green grass to took into bamboo basket. After a full basket. Laksito took a rest under laden tree whaile drinking the water he brought.
When he took a rest, he saw a big snake with gold crown in front of.
Laksito like not sure saw that snake, than laksito slowly follow that snake.
Laksito stillcurious saw that snake whaile mumble his self “why? Is this the meaning of my dream this night, met king of snake?”
Laksito daydream still that snake was go and leaving glowing white skin. Laksito take that skin and put in the pocket. Than he finished his wrok.
After finished laksito com back whaile carry on the shoulders two full of basket grass.
In the way thay did not saw laksito
Whaile in the official house regent’s, Laksito was call Bi Ojah, but she surprise and scream because there was voice without body. Finally regent come mee Bi Ojah and ask what happen?
Bi Ojah tell to the regent that there was Laksito voice without body.
The Regent call’s Laksito for sure and than Laksito answer it without body
What happen to you Laksito ? so you without visible. Laksito to explain the incident meet the big snake with gold crown. Regent command his to take out that snake skin and put it on the table. Than his body appear.
The regent as for the snake skin because he think it was unuseful.
Laksito didn’t permit because it was mandate for his, they fight to get it . Laksito hide it into his mouth and swallowed
Slowly his body disappear whaile ask for giveness and the regent ask for giveness because already force his whaile command his to protect Brebes people.


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