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Ethic in old Yunani language “ethos” (plural: ta etha) is custom, bethink method, morals, attitude, character, action method.
Indonesian big Dictionary , 1998, explain the meaning of ethic with differentiate three meaning is science about the good and bad things.
The meaning of ethic by the experts
K. Bertens:
Ethic is values and norm-norm morality which become handle for someone or the group to organize the attitude.
Prof. DR. Franz Magnis Suseno:
Ethic is a science which give direction, reference, and in the human action
Soergarda Poerbakawatja:
Ethic is a philosophy related with values, about the good and bad action and morality
Drs. O.P. Simorangkir:
Ethic is the opinion about the good and bad behavior

Principles of Ethic
1. Principle of beauty
This principle underlying everything that include happiness of beauty. Based on this principle, human is showing values of beauty and want to show a good behavior.

2. Principle of Equality
This principle underlying the non discriminatory behavior
The goodness principle
This principle underlying individual behavior to always make an efforts to do good behavior in interaction with enveironment.

3. Principle of Justice
This principle underlying someone to do justice and proporsionil and don’t take someone’s right

4. Principle of Freedom
This principle is freedom of individual in doing something or to determine a choice, a human capability to do their choice’s, and capability to give responsibility in their action.

5. Principle of rightness
Rightness usually use in the science of logic that appear from the result of the thinking of logic / rational.

Basis Ethic Theory
In Ethic still many theory which try to explain the action, characteristic or object of the same behavior from point of you or different perspektif.
Such as some ethic theory:
1. Egoism
According to Rachels (2004) egoism psychological a theory their axplain human behavior motivated by self service .
Egoism Ethical is action which underlying for self interest.

2. Utilitarianisme
This theory according, a good action if carry much benefit to people (the greatest happiness of the greatest number).

3. Deontologi
Theory deontology tell that ethical is not a behavior is not lerated with purpose, consequences or effect from that artis.

4.Right Theory

An action and conduct reputed a good if appropriate whit HAM

5. Virtue Theory
Virtue Theory not asking ethical action and not athical action.

6.Teonom Ethic Theory
Teonom ethic theory underlying filsafat Kristen, said that character human morality determine as authentic for appropriate wish God.

According to Rachels (2004) Egoism are two: egoism psychological a theory their axplain human behavior motivated by self service.
According this theory, their sure that action is good but it is just illusion
Egoism Ethical is action which underlying for self interest.


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